About Rob

I am a project manager, software architect and engineer who specializes in business system design, implementation, and data analysis. I have the lead architect and engineer on 4 different applications in various industries including oil services, medical, and youth programs. Each system has had their own unique challenges which has allow me to expand my skills. 

The application I'm working on now is a rewrite of OA LodgeMaster which is the Order of the Arrow's (OA) membership and financial management system. The OA has over 150,000 members and is the Boy Scouts of America's national honor society. This is the 4th version of OA LodgeMaster and the 2nd version I've led the design of. OA LodgeMaster 3 was release in 2012 and is a Silverlight application designed to run online and offline using a common code base. We use Microsoft Sync Framework to provide SQL synchronization to SQL Compact Edition installed on the client computers. Browsers are continuing to reduce their support of Silverlight and Microsoft is sun setting it, so we're writing OA LodgeMaster 4. This application is written using ASP.NET Web API, AngularJS, Microsoft SQL with Entity Framework. This application will run both online and offline with a similar code base. 

The most recent application I've released is a member portal for companies to communicate with their employees about medical plans and offer courses to learn how to improve your health. This system included 3 applications, the portal, a survey system, and single sign on provider. All 3 systems are written using ASP.NET Web API and AngularJS, and backed by Azure SQL with an Entity Framework and Dapper database interface.  

I moved to the oil services industry when I joined a Bakersfield, CA startup called A3 Concepts as their Chief Product Engineer. We had a product called iSafetyPro that was a web and app based safety application. I managed the design and development of iSafety Pro. During my time at A3 Concepts we rebuild the website and API to make a more flexible platform. This allowed our customers to publish standard operating procedures, collect job safety analysis, track crew physical locations, and other functions to improve the safety for the crews.